Tunes . . . Lana Del Rey - Once Upon a Dream

I promised myself that I would write a blog post after my exams were over, but I just couldn't help myself when yesterday, Disney released Lana Del Rey's cover of Once Upon A Dream.

O. M. G.

I'm a huge Disney fan, ever since I was really young and I will continue to be one for the rest of my life I hope. But anyways, Lana's cover of this iconic Disney song gives it such a haunting, dark vibe that really fits with the Maleficent movie.

I really cannot wait to see Maleficent, with Angelina Jolie in it. Ugh! Love love love. Anyways. If you haven't heard this song yet, it's free on Google Play in the States until Feb 3.

Here's the trailer with the song mixed into it!

Happy Listening!

Hello World!

Hello internet!

My name is Sabrina, though I do go by Ri. This is my blog, which I call Hiver et Caféwhich is French for Winter and Coffee.

I rather like the snow, though I suppose it has something to do with the fact that I'm Canadian. Coffee is wonderful as well. Especially in the winter time.

Anyways, here are some things about me:

  • I'm an avid reader of mostly YA books, though I do venture into New Adult, Adult and Middle Grade. 
  • I adore coffee. It keeps me awake during the day. I am a student after all. 
  • I have an interest in 
    • crime shows
    • sci-fi shows
    • nail polish + makeup
    • kpop, j-pop, j-rock 
    • musicals
    • photography
    • graphic design
    • travel
I hope you guys enjoy my blog and future posts. They will be probably related to the above interests.

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