Review . . . The Graceling Series by Kristin Cashore

The Graceling series is a fantasy series written by Kristin Cashore. It is about a world where people who are born with heterochromia, or two different coloured eyes, have special powers, whether it be singing, fighting or balancing one one food. These people are called Gracelings and depending on the country, they become property of the king. 

Here's the synopsis for the first book, Graceling:: 
Katsa has been able to kill a man with her bare hands since she was eight - she's a Graceling, one of the rare people in her land born with an extreme skill. As niece of the king, she should be able to live a life of privilege, but Graced as she is with killing, she is forced to work as the king's thug.

When she first meets Prince Po, Graced with combat skills, Katsa has no hint of how her life is about to change.

She never expects to become Po's friend.

She never expects to learn a new truth about her own Grace - or about a terrible secret that lies hidden far away..
I really adore this series and it's one of my favourites of all time for sure. It has a richly imagined fantasy world and cultures. And I just can't with Katsa and Po and Bitterblue. They're all so adorbs and amusing and hilarious. Aughhh! The series is so good!

Katsa is one of those strong female characters that I just want to root on, like Tris, Celaena, Rose and Katniss. Po is very different from the typical male protagonist in a good way though! There is a slight love triangle in this series, but not anything like the love triangle in the Infernal Devices series.

In order to understand the third book, the second book must be read first, though Fire is not a direct sequel. Fire is more of a companion book. I love Fire. I understand that some people don't like Fire because they want more of Katsa and Po, but I thought Fire was just as good.

Anyways, I, Ri, fully endorse this series! Read it!

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