Life update!

Hey all! This is my first life update on this blog. Like. Ever.

But anyways, this week is exams for me and I'll be taking a little time off to concentrate on studying and making sure I make the necessary grades to stay in my university program.

I might decided to post some content on my blog this week, depending on how I'm feeling. I'll probably still be on twitter, because that's kind of unavoidable. And you can always find me on my instagram or on my tumblr.

So yeah. I NEED TO STUDY. I'm so mathed out right now I cannot even. Also. I never want to play battleship like ever again. I am so done.

I have a calc&vectors exam on wednesday (in which I do not feel prepared), comsci on thursday and writer's craft & religion exams on friday. Fun stuff. And then I graduate next Thursday! And I also have to finish the yearbook by next friday. I'm the senior editor, so ya know. Need to get all those pages compiled!

All in all, Ri is taking a little hiatus for the rest of this week unless you want to find me on the twitters.

Happy Reading and Happy studying! 
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