[Dear Diary] One Of My Favourite Memories

This is going to be a different Dear Diary post than what I've posted on the blog. This is going to be more of a personal entry for me to both practice my writing and to also share my own personal memories.

Dear Diary,

There is a specific memory I hold dear in my heart. It happened, perhaps a year ago? Sometimes it's hard to remember with all the years beginning to blur together in my memory.

It was a sea day aboard the Disney Fantasy - a day with no ports-of-call and excursions; a day to enjoy the amenities on the ship. This time around, we were lucky enough to nab a concierge room at port. On the newer Disney ships, a stay in a concierge room means access to the concierge lounge and the private sundeck.

The sundeck was beautiful and quiet. The outdoor decks with pools and lounge chairs were noisy and crowded, especially on a sea day. It was a Disney ship after all and it's difficult to go anywhere on the ship without the cacophony of children. Even still, I love Disney and I doubt I'd ever tire of it.

The sundeck was abundant with whites and blues that reminded me of Mykonos, Greece, though I've never been. There is dark wood and dark furniture. A bulbous window protruded from the dark wood - a skylight to the lounge below.

I sat in a cavernous couch type chair with artfully arranged blue pillows. The sun seemed to make all the whites on the sundeck brighter and the salt air was somehow calming. And as I took in the serenity around me, the wind sent my hair into disarray and the ocean crashed against the sides of the ship.

I inserted my Ipod's earbuds and took a nap underneath the Carribean sun to the electronic lullaby of Marina and the Diamonds.

This is definitely one of my favourite memories from my vacations. Every time I listen to the Marina and the Diamonds album, it reminds me of this time. I came up with the idea for this post while I was listening to it actually. I tend to associate music with places I've been, especially if I had been listening to those songs on repeat. For example, I associate GD&TOP's High High with Japan, Selena Gomez's Hit the Lights with New York City, Big Bang's Tonight with Las Vegas and so on.

I hope you enjoyed this different sort of post. :)

Happy Reading!
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