[Dear Diary] I am thankful for. . . .

So it's Thanksgiving weekend here in Canada, and I recently read a post by the lovely Karen over at One More page did a post on 10 reasons why she's thankful for the blogging community. And so I thought that I'd like to share the things that I'm thankful for this Thanksgiving season.

Like Karen, I'm SO SO grateful for the blogging community. I had no idea how much my life was going to change when I started this blog in January. I've met some truly incredible people through blogging and twitter and made some awesome friends out of it. I read a LOT more now and I'm more critical about the things I read. My bookshelf has considerably expanded and I've discovered a lot of stories and worlds that I wouldn't have had I not been in this community. So I'm thankful for you lot and for this community.

I'm thankful for my parents for being able to provide me with the opportunity to pursue a higher education. It's so incredibly expensive and it's really made me really appreciative of the worth of education (even if I do moan and gripe about it.) I'm also thankful to them for giving me so many opportunities to experience the world.

I'm thankful for coffee and tea, of which I've been drinking an obscene amount of. Thank you for soothing my throat and for keeping me awake through classes. (Literally, on Thursday I had two coffees and two teas, on Friday I had three coffees and on Saturday I had three teas and a coffee. )

I'm grateful for my friends, for putting up with my constant talking about books and for putting up with me in general. Particularly my best friend, who has been putting up with me for 7/8 years now. I love her and I'm so grateful that she puts up with my insanity and is still willing to be my friend.

So that's me and what I'm thankful for this Thanksgiving. If you're Canadian and you're celebrating Thanksgiving too, I hope you have a wonderful time, and if you're not, then I still hope you had a wonderful weekend! :)

Happy Thanksgiving!
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  1. Aw, what a wonderful post, Ri! It looks like you have a lot to be thankful for (and I totally hear you with the coffee/tea...)! Haha. Hope you had a great Thanksgiving weekend!!!

    1. Thanks! Oh man. I forgot how much I love turkey and it's all coming back to me. We don't have any more in the house and I'm just hoping that the cafeteria is still in a festive mood when reading week is over so I can feast on turkey at school. Haha!


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