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Today on the blog, I'm hosting Mariah from A Reader's Treasure! I'm excited about her blog post and so I'll just let her get right into it. ;)

Hi I’m Mariah from A Reader’s Adventure and I’m so excited to be here on Ri’s blog to talk about who I would bring with me if I was going on an adventure. So without further ado…

There are so many characters that I would want to come with me traveling but here are some of my standouts.

Sturmhond/Nikolai from Siege and Storm by Leigh Bardugo. This guy is hilarious. He is also a captain of a ship so if we needed to get somewhere through water and ice he would know what to do. Also, traveling can be stressful and he would add some comic relief.

Katsa from Graceling. I would not bring Katsa because she is a great conversationalist or because I am under any impression that having her around would be fun. She is kind of gruff and standoffish to those she doesn’t know very well. But I would bring her along because she could help us survive anything that we came across.

Alanna from the Song of the Lioness Series. Girl is a knight with magical powers and a dry sense of humor. She would be a great companion to Sturmhond and would also know a lot about how to survive and thrive. Also MAGIC.

So those are only three characters I would bring with me if I was traveling but I would love to have a whole group of characters traveling the world with me. Thanks to Ri for letting me stop by!

Thank you so much to Mariah for stopping by my blog and sharing with us her potential travel literary companions!

Happy Reading!
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