The August break 2016 Recap

If you didn't know, I have been doing The August Break on Instagram and this is my fourth year participating!

It's like one of those monthly Instagram challenges where there's a prompt provided every day and you post a photo related to that prompt. However, you can also post whatever you want and not follow the prompts if you so choose. The idea of the August Break is to take a break, pause, notice the world around you and photograph it.

Here are the pics that I took this year for the August Break.

The correct order runs from left to right and then down by row. I had some pictures that were slightly longer and so it really shifted all the squares.

So this was my month in a nutshell. You can find me on instagram, @Astaraya, to check out the full pictures and the descriptions. :)

Happy Reading! 
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  1. Thanks for sharing! There isn't a proper IG app for Kindle Fires, so the only way I usually see people's photos is when they post them to their blog. :)


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