My Top Reads of 2014 So Far!

So half a year has passed by pretty quickly! I've been running this blog for six months already! Woah! Crazy! Anyways, since this is a book blog, I thought it was only appropriate to do my top reads of the year so far since half the year has already passed by. Some of these books weren't released this year, but I read them this year and I couldn't not include them, because then there would be practically nothing on this list. Hahaha.

These are presented in no particular order and rather just whatever came to mind! The book covers link to either a goodreads page or a review on my blog, depending on whether or not I reviewed it. Some of these reviews are kind of old and poorly formatted and kind of embarrassing. (>////<)

Happy Reading!
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  1. ooh, lovely picks! I adored The Winner's Curse and cried my eyes out over The Assassin's Blade. I still must read The Immortal Rules & Cruel Beauty. Lovely post, Ri!

    Rachel @ A Perfection Called Books

    1. Thanks Rachel! :) I'm so excited for The Winner's Crime!


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