[Character Love] Roronoa Zoro from One Piece

Character Love is a feature that I created to share the characters that I love every Saturday!

I recently read all 754 chapters of One Piece in kind of one sitting over the course of 2 and a half days. It made me remember why I love One Piece so much and seriously, Zoro is by far my favourite character from this manga. I love him to pieces. I don't have a face cast for him, because seriously, it's a manga so it already has a visual.

There are very man reasons why I love him. First off, he's H.O.T. I mean. Look at that smirk and SCARS! He looks so badass. Also, he's a swordsman. He actually fights in a "three sword style." I don't know if that's actually physically possible, but he's very very good at it and it's hot. Zoro is Luffy's first mate and he aims to become the best swordsman in the world. He's also loyal to his captain. Ambition and loyalty: two things that the Slytherin in me loooves. (Also, his hair is green. And I'm a Slytherin. Is this a sign that we're meant to be?) He also has a terrible sense of direction.

Besides Luffy, the main character, Zoro has probably the best quotes in the series. He's a pretty serious guy, though he does have his comedic moments.

"You want to kill me? You couldn't even kill my boredom!"

"When the world shoves you around, you just gotta stand up and shove back. It's not like somebody's gonna save you if you start babbling excuses."

"I got. . . . on the wrong boat!"

"If I can't even protect my own captain's dream, then whatever ambition I have is just talk."

"I do things my own way, so don't give me any lip about it."

“I’m going to be the world’s greatest swordsman! All I have left is my destiny! My name may be infamous…… but it’s gonna shake the world!!!”
A lot of my friends are incredible manga snobs. They don't like mainstream mangas all that much, like Naruto, One Piece, etc. I don't care. I'm not ashamed of my love of One Piece and they know it. This manga gives me ALL THE FEELS. It's seriously great and it's good for almost all ages and all genders. I recommend it to everyone, even if you're just starting out in the manga world.

One Piece is seriously long, but it moves quickly. I hope you guys take a chance on One Piece!

As a child, Monkey D. Luffy was inspired to become a pirate by listening to the tales of the buccaneer "Red-Haired" Shanks. But Luffy's life changed when he accidentally ate the Gum-Gum Devil Fruit and gained the power to stretch like rubber...at the cost of never being able to swim again! Years later, still vowing to become the king of the pirates, Luffy sets out on his adventure...one guy alone in a rowboat, in search of the legendary "One Piece," said to be the greatest treasure in the world...

Happy Reading!
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