#RiGoesOutside: Toronto

So if you follow me on twitter or read my Weekly Recap posts, you would know that recently I went out with my best friend, the Biffles, down into Toronto. I live in the burbs, where it takes driving to get anywhere and also because I'm lazy, I still don't have my driver's license. I really should get that done soon.

So the Biffles and I went into Toronto for some fun times and also to explore since we have to commute for university and everything. It was a tiring and fun time. We walked around a lot.

All of my photos are taken on my shitty phone camera and kind of foggy in some places because of my fingerprint on the camera. I couldn't be bothered to bring a huge ass DSLR and lug it through commute and I'm so glad I didn't. There was so. Much. Walking. I should have brought my point-and-shoot though. Oh well. Maybe when she and I go on our next outing.

We walked around the MASSIVE U of T campus some. All the buildings are so old and look so fancy. Nothing as fancy as Europe of course, but it's still pretty old. I love architecture and while I can appreciate old architecture, I'm not a fan of living in it. My thought process usually goes like, "Who has died in this building?" Yeah. I'm so glad I'm not living on Res for that reason.

More architecture in the U of T campus and of course the statue in Queen's Park. This park is where Word on the Street takes place every year and I'm so excited to go, because I used to go every year, though that hasn't happened since seventh(?) grade.

We also paid a visit to Bakka Phoenix, an indie book store in Toronto. Of course I had to pay a visit to a book store while I was down there. While the Biffle is an appreciator of books and loves reading, she's not as insane about it as I am. Trust me. I'm insane. I brought home four books the day before this happened and still bought a book when I visited.

We stopped for coffee at Starbucks before we headed over to the bookstore. I woke up early for this trip. I was freaking tired. I had Starbucks twice that day. (Treat receipt, what up! Also, the blackberry mojito iced tea lemonade is delicious.)

I've never really been to an indie book store before. I've mostly spent my time in chain stores like Chapters and Borders, before it closed. I had no freaking clue how the books were organized in there. I just kept looking and telling the Biffle, "Oh. I read that.", "Oh, I've heard _______ about that." I don't know how she puts up with me when I'm in the book store.

Our last "real" stop was at Momofuku Milk Bar. I've been following them a while on social media and I was really excited to see that they opened up a store in Toronto. They opened up their store inside(?) the Shangri-La, which is this fancy hotel that opened up in the middle of the financial district. I spent a lot of time downtown when it was first being built because I had French tutor downtown. Anyways, I would love to sit down some time and have dinner at the noodle bar.

The Compost cookie is the best out of the three cookies I bought. I ate the Compost cookie immediately after we bought it, the Confetti cookie (not pictured) for breakfast the next day and the Blueberry and Cream cookie later the next day. I also wanted to try their Crack pie, but it's $6 for a slice and it looked kind of tiny, so I didn't get it. Maybe next time!

And so because I was in a weird eating funk that day, I watched the Biffle eat a juicy burger at the Works while I picked at a Caesar salad. Now that I think back on it, that burger looked damn delicious. I hope I get to do something like this again soon, especially now that I'm going into Uni.

Go outside!
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