A recap of #MysteryTwitterTheater!

If you guys didn't follow #MysteryTwitterTheater this weekend, I'll recap it for you!

Guess what guys, I didn't do it!! I told you so! Ensconced's murderer was Nurse Pili, who stabbed Ensconced in the neck with a sharp, sharp pencil at the coffee shop! (Yikes, Pili. You're scary. ;D )

Here's what all the other suspects were doing, who were all totally innocent:

  • Zachary was actually at the book signing like he said he was. 
  • @JaimeArkin was also innocent, despite her suspiciously detailed story
  • Stabby Stacee confessed to the crime, but then later admitted that she was really holding a meeting for her secret One Direction fan club. (Her favourite is Harry)
  • Ohana Reads was just at the bookstore, doing what any good bookworm does - reading. 
  • Both Jessica and Isabel were apparently watching Netflix at the coffee shop. 
  • I ran off with a hot, mohawked barista named Todd. ( ;D) 
  • And we still don't know what Jaime Justice was up to at the coffee shop. . . . . 

Schu from @NSchumacher85 was the winner, who figured out that Nurse Pili was the murderer! Congratulations!

This was so much fun and since I didn't know who the murderer was either, I had a lot of fun watching the mystery unravel!! Thanks so much to Paula, Ensconced and the rest of the Loyal Liars suspects for making #MysteryTwitterTheater such an awesome time! Paula, you are way creative! 

Happy Reading!
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  1. IT WAS BRILLIANT!! None of us knew who the killer was but I confess I was suspecting myself fairly early on, although I thought it was poison and not the pencil! But of course, I know my way around sharp objects! ;)


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