[Blog Tour Review] Bound by Spells by Stormy Smith


Title: Bound by Spells

Author: Stormy Smith

Series: Bound #2

Release Date: March 19th 2015

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Source: e-ARC via author for blog tour

Aidan Montgomery hadn’t been prepared for Amelia Bradbury to walk in and then out of his life. He also hadn’t expected to find the powerful magic hidden deep within him for the last nineteen years, but he’s embracing it — finding more control and more answers every day. Now, with the help of Amelia’s best friend, Bethany, Aidan is on a quest to understand his destiny and find Amelia.

Amelia decided to stand by her duty, which meant walking away from her first chance at love. Trapped in Cresthaven at the Queen’s mercy, she spends her days with Micah — an ally she still holds at arm’s length — struggling to manage her heartbreak while keeping her mind focused on the task at hand. As she continues to unlock the secrets of the Keeper power, Queen Julia’s true motives reveal themselves, forcing Amelia to decide, yet again, how much she’s willing to sacrifice.

Will Aidan get to Amelia before it's too late, or will the very power that sustains them keep them apart?

I received an e-ARC as part of the blog tour in exchange for an honest review. This review is completely of my own opinion and I was not compensated in any way in exchange for this review.

If y'all haven't read Bound by Duty yet, I sincerely urge you to do it! It was one of my favourite books of last year and it's so super under rated. I want more people to learn about this book and read it and love it too!

Guys. GUYS. Stormy Smith has done it again! Bound by Spells is just as fantastic as the first one, though I do admit I like the first one a bit more, since there's more Amelia/Aidan interaction. I ship it so hard. Aidan is such a great book boyfriend. (Can he be mine?)

The titles of these books are so perfect as themes for each of the respective books. Bound by Duty had a lot to do about Amelia struggling with upholding her duty, while Bound by Spells has things to do with spells and the like.

Bound by Spells is split into a dual point of view between Aidan and Amelia, as the two were split up at the end of Book 1. Through their individual points of view, we get to learn a lot more about Aidan's past and also Queen Julia's true plans. I really enjoyed reading from Aidan's perspective, mostly because I love him, but it was also interesting to see what his thoughts were on Amelia and also his situation.

Amelia is trying to make the best of her situation as she is held in captivity by the Queen. The Queen wants something from her, but Amelia is unsure of. And also, there's Prince Micah who she doesn't know if she can trust fully. Also, Queen Julia is freaking PSYCHOTIC. Seriously. Omygosh. My opinion of her being absolutely psychotic has only gotten stronger since the first book, when we learn about what her true plans are. She does have reasons for the things she's doing, but she's a pretty great example of what psychotic people with power do. Oh man.

Bethany is just as sassy and perfect and awesome as she was in the first book. I still absolutely want her to be my best friend. I love her hard. I hope she finds love and gets over Micah. She definitely deserves it.

The entire book felt like a gradual build up towards the inevitable war. I'm super excited to read the next book to see how things turn out and also see more Amelia/Aidan interaction.

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