[Summer Blogger Promo Tour] Amber and Jessica of The Book Bratz!

So I finally made a banner for the Summer Blogger Promo Tour. This week I'm hosting my lovely friends Amber and Jessica of The Book Bratz, who also happen to be the amazing organizers of this event!

I had Amber and Jessica do an either or sort of interview and here are their answers!

Amber and Jessica's This or That! 

Coffee or Tea? 

Amber: Coffee
Jessica: Tea! 

Jonah or Gabriel?

Amber: Jonah
Jessica: Gabriel!!!

Peeta or Gale?

Amber: Peeta
Jessica: Peeta! 

Cake or Pie?

Amber: Pie
Jessica: Cake :D

Night or Day?

Amber: Night!
Jessica: Definitely night.

Summer or Winter?

Amber: Summer
Jessica: Winter!

Chocolate or Vanilla?

Amber: Vanilla
Jessica: Vanilla

Cats or Dogs?

Amber: Dogs
Jessica: Dogs

Pancakes or Waffles?

Amber: Waffles
Jessica: Waffles

Sunrise or Sunset?

Amber: Sunset
Jessica: Sunset

Spicy or Mild?

Amber: Mild
Jessica: Mild

Long books or Short books?

Amber: Short
Jessica: Short!

Hamburger or Hot dog?

Amber: Hamburger
Jessica: Hamburger

Hardcover or Softcover?

Amber: Hard
Jessica: Softcover!

Buying books or Borrowing books?

Amber: Buying
Jessica: Buying :D

Fantasy or Contemporary?

Amber: Fantasy!
Jessica: Contemporary!

Thank you so much to Amber and Jessica for answering my questions and also for putting together this awesome Blogger Promo Tour!

Happy Reading!
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