#RiGoesOutside: Indigo Teen Summer Preview

So yes. I did indeed go outside. It's been a while since I did one of these, but this time, I went to the Indigo Teen Summer Preview!! It was so much fun!

Okay. So Wednesday was quite a day, so let me start at the beginning.

I started off the day going to a L'oreal warehouse sale, just out of curiosity because I didn't really need anything. I did end up picking up a couple things. Lemme just tell you, warehouse sale lines are crazy, even on a rainy Wednesday morning. There's so much pushing and shoving and a lady even tried to cut in line.

I had ramen for lunch and then it was almost time to head downtown!

v. dramatic lighting

So I strolled over to the area where the Indigo head office is and had a hard time deciding what to have for an early dinner. After finally making up my mind, I headed to Wvrst!

Wvrst, pronounced worst. 

Despite the name, the food was great. They have some delicious, famous, french fries fried in duck fat and a whole range of different sausages (hence the name, wvrst) and also a whole lot of different kind of beers too, if you're of legal drinking age!

Clearly, I had an Oktoberfest sausage, containing pork, veal and beer. They have vegetarian sausages too if you're not into the whole meat thing. Those duck fat fries were so good. I had to take them with me to go since I had to rush over to the head office, where the meeting was taking place. The fries were definitely much better hot.

ANYWAYS. Onto the thing that you're actually hear for, the teen summer preview!

Yay! Here's just the front-ish area of the space we were sitting in! Those chairs were for the #TeamTeen panel and they're super great. They welcomed the lot of us in and they were super funny too, with their introductions and in general.

Here's a picture of #TeamTeen for reference. They're awesome!

photo taken by @indigoteen.

Here's a picture of the whole setup there. You can just see the back of my head. That's me there, in the middle of the three female back-of-heads you see. LOL.

It was totally great to meet some local book bloggers and to make new friends. I definitely talked a lot to Jules, a.k.a JulesShaun on twitter and the same on youtube!

Here are just some of the books that they had for us! I think the only problem that I had with this event was that there was a disproportionate amount of some of the books and those who got to the table first were able to grab a copy of everything, while those who were behind the stampede, were unable to grab them.

These are the books that I nabbed. I wasn't able to grab copies of the two fantasy novels that were there, which were AND I DARKEN by Kiersten White and QUEEN OF HEARTS by Colleen Oakes. There were a lot of contemporary novels there and I don't read very much contemporary. I just grabbed the two that interested me. The Outliers is a mystery thriller novel, and that definitely had my interest. I also grabbed the Unexpected Everything, a Morgan Matson novel. I haven't read any Morgan Matson previously, but I've heard nothing but good things about her books and so I decided to give her book a try.

I also grabbed The Amazing Book is Not on Fire, by Dan and Phil of Youtube fame. I love them and I think they're hilarious, but I probably would never purchase their book. It was free and so I thought why not?

The team even fed us! I didn't realize there was going to be food, so I ate at Wvrst beforehand. They had pizza, apples and danishes there for us. And then later on there were cupcakes. I couldn't help myself and of course I had to grab one. This was delicious!

And of course, they gave us some swag! We got some buttons (an HCCFrenzy button and a The Crown by Kiera Cass button), a Scholastic bag, a Dorothy Must Die excerpt booklet and this awesome Simon and Schuster notebook.

I'm kind of in love with this notebook. The cover is a little flimsy, but the paper inside is delicious. Is it weird to say that paper is delicious? The paper is thick and smooth and my fountain pen doesn't bleed on it, which is a kind of accomplishment. I would like to know where I could possibly get more of either this notebook or the paper inside.

We did a lot of discussion on contemporary books that are coming out this summer and also some of the youtuber created books and social media based books. The discussion was interesting and I enjoyed listening to it, but I didn't have much to add, as a fantasy/scifi/paranormal reader myself.

I did add a contemporary novel to my TBR though, due to the great enthusiasm from both TeamTeen and Amanda of Brains Books and Brawn. Exit, Pursued by a Bear by E.K. Johnston  got a lot of love and though this novel isn't typically in my wheelhouse, the way they talked about the novel and the great love for it definitely has me interested and brought the book onto my radar.

The entire event was super fun and interesting. The panel brought up a lot of thought provoking topics such as the stagnant english curriculum and also the influx of new contemporary novels in a post-Fault in Our Stars world. I look forward to hopefully attending the next one of these Indigo Teen events!

Happy Reading!

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  1. Sounds like a great time! It sucks that you didn't get the two fantasies you wanted but yay for Morgan Matson! I love her books so I hope you'll love too :D

    1. It was a great time! I hope I'll love it too! The Unexpected Everything sounds really interesting!


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