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I don't know if you've noticed, but I don't enjoy reading classics. I complained through having to read Madame Bovary for class and I really groaned through reading all of the books I had to read for English class in school. Of course there were exceptions to that, like To Kill A Mockingbird, 1984, The Chrysalids and The Outsiders. However, I resigned myself to being one of those people who will never really be interested in classic novels.

iClassics reached out to me and introduced their product to me. I'm excited to share it with you guys since it's perfect for people like me who aren't so interested in the classics.

iClassics creates beautiful apps that contain the text of classics like Edgar Allen Poe or H.P. Lovecraft and pair them with beautiful interactive illustrations and also fitting music to serve as a backdrop as you read the novel.

Here's a preview of their app for Lovecraft, iLovecraft:

Doesn't it look just incredible? I've been playing with the first of the iPoe apps and really, the interaction with the illustrations and the background music was really awesome and cool.

In their effort to save the classics, they're doing a Kickstarter to help them expand the range of stories they've reimagined into this beautiful platform, expand their apps to Android and to bring their apps to schools that don't have the funds to pay for them.

Here's a video they created for their Kickstarter page:

Here's a link to their Kickstarter page if you're interested in learning more about their apps, and their goals and also if you're interested in helping them out! 

In an effort to help them spread the word, we created a little sort of tag and to answer some questions! 

Here are the rules of this tag: 

  1. Answer some (or all!) of the questions! (I'll be answering all of them.) 
  2. Link to the kickstarter project:
  3. Tag three other bloggers to answer the questions 
  4. Use the hashtag #SaveTheClassics 
Here we go! 

What is your favorite classic book?
I think my favourite would have to go to To Kill a Mockingbird. There's something about that book that really just captured me when I read it. It may have something to do with the fact that it wasn't from the perspective of some old dude and instead from a little girl. 

If your life was a classic what would it be?
No clue. I don't know if I've read enough classics to really choose. Probably something boring though. Maybe Waiting for Godot or something. All I know for sure is that my life is most definitely NOT like War of the Worlds or 1984. 

With whom writer from the past would you like to have dinner?
J.R.R. Tolkien maybe? Granted I've never read Lord of the Rings (*gasp*) but I think it would really be interesting to talk to him about world building and stuff. This would apply to C.S. Lewis for me too. 

Which classic literary character best describes you?
Hitting me with the hard ones! I have no idea so I looked up one of those quizzes and I ended up with Jane Eyre! Again I've never read it, but from the description of her character from the quiz seems pretty cool! 

What's the first classic that you read?
That's also a hard question since I have a terrible memory. I think it was an abbreviated slightly more child friendly version of Great Expectations. I could be wrong. 

What is the classic book that you would recommend to a friend?
Again it would probably be To Kill a Mockingbird. I really enjoyed that one. Or maybe The Chrysalids. That was an interesting post-apocalyptic one. 

I tag: Eileen  of BookCatPin, Pili of In Love with Handmade and Liran of Empress of Books

Happy Reading!

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  1. This looks very interesting. There are a lot of classics I wanted to make sure I read in my life that I didn't get to, and I have found listening to audiobooks helped immensely. This seems like the next step up. The music seemed a little distracting for me, but I am sure they have a way of lowering it, or muting it. I think this is a great idea. I am behind anything that keeps people reading. My favorite book of all time is To Kill a Mockingbird. :)

    1. I am going to link this post in my The Sunday Post this week. :)

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. Awesome! And you can definitely turn off the music if you want! Yay! We share faves! :D

  2. Hmmmm, this sounds very interesting! I've loved reading some classics, and others I've loathed... Moby Dick was my first DNF for years...

    1. I feel you. Some of them just seem to drone on and on and on for me.

  3. I do love a good Jane Austen novel, but I don't actively seek out classics outside of school. I am grateful that teachers have forced me to read these prized works for their literary merit, and I understand the hype behind them, but they're just not for me sometimes....

    Rachel @ A Perfection Called Books


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